Law firm Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers in Leiden

Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers is a medium-sized law firm based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Our services cover a wide range of different practice areas and we may pride ourselves on a rich history. For over 115 years we have served individuals, (semi-)governments and public authorities, non-profit organizations and (inter)national companies with (legal) advice, assistance in legal proceedings and sharing professional knowledge.

As a matter of course the interests of our clients come first. Our lawyers strive for maximum results when attending to your legal questions. Our approach starts with a thorough knowledge of you as a client. After punctilious assessment of your needs, you can count on clear agreements and an expert, open and direct approach.

With discerning advice and negotiations we aim at avoiding legal proceedings as much as possible. Should your problem still require litigation, we can offer you vast (lawsuit) experience. If necessary, even to the Supreme Court. It goes without saying that we also see to the progress of the lawsuit.

As a medium-sized, specialised office we can offer you affordable rates. Price agreements are also possible. Thanks to our flexible organisation, our lawyers can provide fast service and give your case the attention it deserves. Please contact us for an obligation-free initial consultation in our office in Leiden.

Latest news

The child account: a good solution or source of controversy?

A child account is a bank account that both parents can access after divorce. Both parents feed the account and both parents can make payments from the account. A child account is often on the table when parents have/agree on a co-parenting arrangement or an almost 50-50 division of child care.

Mediator or lawyer: which is smart?

Some people first want to try to work things out together when they break up or have a difference of opinion on a family law issue such as a move, care arrangement or parenting plan. This often works better with guidance. A mediator can help with this.

Change your first name?

On Jan. 22, 2023, Kylie Jenner announced that her infant son, who was named Wolf when he was born on 2-2-22, will now be named Aire. The reason given for the first name change was that Wolf did not fit the little son.