About us

Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers is a pragmatical, professional en personal law firm in Leiden, the Netherlands. Our varied team puts the interests of our clients always on the first place.

Cooperation with, and for the benefit of, our clients. With the necessary knowledge of the business an socially involved. Not surprisingly, (acting) judges and co-workers of universities are part of our team.

Providing solutions with the input of gained experience characterizes this oldest law firm of Leiden, the Netherlands. Our rich history of over 125 years has resulted in different leading cases.

Our lawyers continue to participate in the social debate and involved in new jurisprudence. With permanent attention for quality we maintain our excellent reputation.

Our firm is a one person business of Frans Kloppenburg. The attorneys Dick Poot, Geeta Nandoe Tewarie and Ariani Stretton have entered into a cooperation agreement with him. Our lawyers mutually take care of each other's affairs in case of absence. Our firm has adequate professional indemnity insurance as required by the Dutch Bar Association. Our firm also has an internal complaints procedure.
Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers is a member of the Dutch Foundation for Complaints (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur consumenten en advocatuur zakelijk).

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