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The child account: a good solution or source of controversy?


A child account is a bank account that both parents can access after divorce. Both parents feed the account and both parents can make payments from the account. A child account is often on the table when parents have/agree on a co-parenting arrangement or an almost 50-50 division of child care.

Mediator or lawyer: which is smart?


Some people first want to try to work things out together when they break up or have a difference of opinion on a family law issue such as a move, care arrangement or parenting plan. This often works better with guidance. A mediator can help with this.

Change your first name?


On Jan. 22, 2023, Kylie Jenner announced that her infant son, who was named Wolf when he was born on 2-2-22, will now be named Aire. The reason given for the first name change was that Wolf did not fit the little son.

Separation or divorce? Who gets the dog and is a dog visitation arrangement possible?
Ownership and access arrangements with pets


Dogs feel like complete family members to many people. Therefore, when couples separate, the dog can be a point of discussion. The comparison with children is easily made. A quick internet search brings me to dog diapers, dog toys, dog beds, dog shoes, dog jackets and dog baby carriages. Legally, however, a dog is not at all comparable to children. Legally, a dog is a thing, similar to a chair or a couch. A dog also has no rights of its own; children do.

Psychiatric issues in divorce land: narcissism
How to deal with narcissists in divorce proceedings?


The Greek myth of Narcissus. Many will know this story. Many girls fell in love with Narcissus, but he was not interested and rejected everyone. He was eventually punished by the gods for this lack of reciprocity.

WAB and Expats


The Balanced Labour Market Act (WAB) entered into force on 1 January 2020.

Supreme Court on Suspension of Judgement


The Dutch Supreme court issued a detailed decision on the possibilities of supsension of a court judgement.

No more smoking areas in bars


The Dutch Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Court of Appeal in The Hague to ban designated smoking areas in bars. The Court ruled that the use of these areas is in breach with the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).