Mediation is increasingly popular for resolving or managing personal and business conflicts. Whereas proceedings in court often polarise and intensify the conflict, mediation often improves the relationship of understanding between the parties and can also save considerable legal costs.

Divorce, parental access and custody mediation

Mediation is primarily a commonly used method in divorce: divorce mediation. It is a usually faster and cheaper route to an amicable divorce, causing less damage to the relationship, also in the interest of any children.

At Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers, divorce mediation is firmly rooted in a sound legal foundation. The lawyer-divorce mediator may provide possibilities that differ from the standard solution of the court. In doing so, you are always educated on how the options discussed relate to legal practice. You then freely make your choice. The mediator also monitors the procedures and the balance between the parties.

Mediation is used with an impending divorce (agreements on alimony, distribution of goods, drawing up a parenting plan). But can also be used after the divorce if circumstances change and parties need new agreements (e.g. about alimony; access to or custody of the children).

For divorce mediation and family law mediation you can contact Ivo Pieters, Geeta Nandoe Tewarie, Daniëlle Prins, Y.M. Bérénos and Froana Hoff.
Ivo Pieters is on the list of mediators used by the District Court of The Hague within the framework of the project "Mediation next to jurisdiction" and is a vFAS divorce mediator as well as an MfN mediator. Geeta Nandoe Tewarie, Daniëlle Prins and Froana Hoff are vFAS mediators. Y.M. Bérénos is a MfN mediator as well as a VFAS mediator.

Business and employment mediation

Do you have a business conflict that you would like to resolve together? For example, a disagreement about the performance of a contract, a cooperation conflict or an employment relationship that you would like to end or continue by mutual agreement? Or is there a conflict between director and works council during a reorganization? Then mediation offers you the opportunity to resolve your conflict while preserving the relationship.

When to choose business mediation instead of legal proceedings? The advantages of mediation at a glance:

  • Not the judge but you together determine the best solutions for your conflict.
  • While proceedings in court often polarize and intensify the conflict, mediation often improves the relationship between the parties.
  • Mediation is faster and cheaper than long court proceedings.
  • Mediation offers you the opportunity to solve problems in confidentiality, which is often of great importance to both companies and individuals.

Within our firm, Ariani Stretton is experienced in mediating and negotiating business conflicts. Through her years of experience in business, including with works councils, she knows how important restoring communication and finding a solution quickly is to the relationship. As a mediator, Ariani Stretton is Mfn-registered.

For questions about labour mediation, please contact Ariani Stretton and Danielle Prins.


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