Froana Hoff

Froana Hoff

Froana values personal contact with people and likes to get down to business. She likes to see results quickly. Family law, where the human aspect plays an important role, suits her perfectly. She specializes in (international) divorce, mediation and collaborative divorce.

(International) divorce

Froana is a committed divorce lawyer, who first and foremost looks for a solution that benefits both parties. While preserving the mutual relationship. She finds that important. Especially when children are involved in the divorce. After all, the parties are and remain parents together.

Sometimes this does not work out. In that case, Froana does not shy away from proceedings and is fully committed. She fights for her client to achieve the best result.


Froana believes in the power of mediation. When parties make agreements together, in mutual consultation, there is a win-win situation. Agreements made by the parties themselves are often better respected. This is good for the relationship and for any children involved.

She also assists clients who are in the mediation process. She advises them on the legal aspects and coaches them before the meeting with the mediator. This way the client sits at the mediation table with confidence.

Collaborative divorce

If mediation fails, and proceedings are not a solution, and both parties still need a lawyer, they can also turn to Froana. This is because she is also a collaborative lawyer. In a collaborative divorce, the divorce is arranged in consultation, each with their own lawyer and coach. If necessary, other experts such as tax specialists, accountants and pension consultants can also be called in.


Froana Hoff graduated in 1994 in civil law with a major in international law. She did not immediately start working as a lawyer, but first worked at the University. In 1997, she was sworn in as a lawyer.

She attended the specialization training for family law, and also the specialization training for international family law.


  • Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFas)
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