Inheritance Law

Everyone has to deal with inheritance law sooner or later. The moment someone dies, inheritance law kicks in immediately. When someone dies many things suddenly need to be arranged, such as the funeral and everything concerning the estate. Often, several people have to come to an agreement. This is not always easy as family relations sometimes result in a lot of emotions, distrust or no contact at all. For this reason, sometimes an estate cannot be settled and distributed at all. That is where our firm can help you.

It makes a difference whether there is a will or whether the legal rules apply. It also makes a difference whether there is an executor of the will or whether the heirs have to agree jointly. Discussions can arise between the parties involved around various issues.

Our firm has extensive experience in advising and litigating on the settlement and distribution of the estate, the manner in which the executorship is carried out and other topics related to inheritance law.

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