Liability Law

Liability law is becoming more important every day. Laws and regulations are expanding and damages can arise in many ways. It is important to reduce liability risks as much as possible. As losses occur or damages turn up, the liable person or entity has to be verified and the necessary legal action has to be initiated as soon as possible. Timely getting in touch with a qualified lawyer is essential. Evidence has to be timely secured and claims have to be filed before the expiration date and within the limitation period.

Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers have extensive experience with contractual or non-contractual liability claims including, for example, claims for damages or losses based on default and tort. We advise and initiate legal proceedings in the field of liability of employers, directors, supervisory bodies and public authorities frequently. Our law firm also deals with claims for damages or losses based on the violation of the duty of care of banks or based on unfair competition. In the area of health law (including injury), government liability and employer's liability Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers have contributed to important case law (see our track record in Cassation).

For questions to or consultation with a lawyer about liability law and/or preventing, averting or submitting a claim for damages or loss please contact Niels van Steijn and Heleen Waaijer . Please visit our office in Leiden in the Netherlands for an (informal) meeting with one of the lawyers.


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