Health Law

Our law firm advises health professionals, companies and institutions on all aspects of health law, including professional regulations, liability cases, disciplinary law, unfair competition and contest. We also have vast experience in drawing up various agreements that are important in health care. Our office has an added value, because of its understanding of the market and the applicable laws and regulations.

We also assist individuals who meet with health law, for example in disciplinary law or personal injury cases, BIG-registration, professional recognition (CIBG) or disputes with the insurer.

For questions in the field of health law, please contact Niels van Steijn.

Examples of cases:

  • The Baby Kelly case, the first wrongful-life case in the Netherlands (click here for the verdict and English summary);
  • In a long running wrongful birth case, the court of appeal decided issues as the statute of limitations and awarded damages for mental or emotional distress resulting from a breach of informed consent by a psychiatrist; see for the decisions: here, here and here.
  • Examples of successful cases regarding recognition of professional qualifications here and here (BIG registration foreign health professionals).


For questions on Health Law, please contact us.