I.J. Pieters

E-mail: i.pieters@groenendijk.com
Education Dutch law, Leiden University, 1997
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I.J. Pieters

Ivo Pieters focuses on family law and general civil practice. The family law practice he exercises is wide and varied:

  • Divorces
  • Matrimonial property law (both distributions of communities of goods and transfer clauses)
  • Alimony cases
  • Custody and visiting rights
  • Name changes
  • Guardianship, custodial care
  • Deeds of registration service
  • Youth Protection Measures

He is also specialized in adoption and descent cases and he does many juvenile court cases. He is often appointed by the court as guardian ad litem, and often assists minors who want to be heard by a judge.
In his practice there are also many international family law cases resulting in vast experience with European treaties and international civil law. Another important part of his practice is inheritance law, particularly the distribution of estates.
In the family law practice, he assists clients in procedures where necessary, but he mediates first whenever possible. Ivo Pieters has successfully completed his studies for the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) (both the mediation course and the legal course) and is also a certified mediator for the Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI).
For Ivo Pieters the challenge of mediating is to make both parties in a divorce case communicate better by also looking at the emotions and underlying interests. However, the statutory standards are always the first premise for Ivo Pieters.
Furthermore, it is the now mandatory parenting plan that creates the possibility to involve children already at a young age in divorce mediation. His experience as a deputy judge gives him a good view of the litigation practice and the possibilities and impossibilities of it. This can also stand him in good stead in his capacity as mediator.
In addition to the family law practice, Ivo Pieters has a general civil practice focusing on cases in the field of ​​contract law, employment law and rent law beside property (e.g. hidden defects).

Relevant work experience

Ivo Pieters has worked before he graduated as a student assistant at the Department of Social and Labour Law at the University of Leiden. In the final phase of his studies Ivo Pieters started as a clerk of the court at the Appeal Court of The Hague. After graduating, he was appointed there as a judicial clerk in the Family Court. Until 1 January 1999 he worked there, the last six months also as a staff lawyer. On 1 January 1999, he was employed as a lawyer at Verhoeff Rosenberg Polak’s in The Hague. After 10 months he moved his practice to Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers. He is also a deputy judge.

Areas of law


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  • Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS)
  • Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI)
  • Dutch Lawyers Association (NJV)
  • Member of the Association for Family and Juvenile Law

Ancillary activities

  • Board member of the Vereniging voor Familie- en Jeugdrecht (Association for Family and Juvenile Law)
  • Collaborator at the Tijdschrift voor Familie- en Jeugdrecht (Journal of Family and Juvenile Law) (FJR), in particular collaborator and annotator of the jurisprudence section of this magazine;
  • Collaborator at the journal Rechtspraak Familierecht (Judiciary Family Law) (RFR);
  • Member of the Commissie Familie- en Jeugdrecht (Committee on Family and Juvenile Law) of The Hague Bar Association of Lawyers;
  • Secretary of the Disciplinary Board of the Disciplinary Divorce Mediation Foundation of vFAS;
  • Collaborator at Publishing firm SDU for “Opmaat”_Family Law;
  • Deputy judge, also juvenile court judge at the Court of Rotterdam.
  • Other activities
  • Collaborator Legal Block Calendar 2004, 2006, 2007;

Member of the supervisory committee contributing to the creation of the International Juvenile Law Manual.

Ivo Pieters has registered the following practice areas at the Dutch Bar Association: Family law. According to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association, he is obligated to obtain ten education points in each registered practice area each calendar year.