Disclaimer and Terms of Use

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1. Definitions:
(i) Terms of Use: these terms of use;
(ii) Information: information on (a page of) the Website or information provided on or by means of a website to which (a page of) the Website refers;
(iii) the Website: www. groenendijk. com;
(iv) the Office: Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers where to belang FB Kloppenburg LLM and the persons associated with him at the Office on the basis of an employment contract and/or a(n) (cooperation) agreement.
2. The Terms of Use applyto anyuse of the Website or Information.
3 Upon visiting or using (a page of) the Website and/or any (in)direct use of the Information, the Terms of Use are accepted by such visitor and/or user.
4 The clauses and Articles in the Terms of Use apply also tor the benefit of, and are also stipulated for the benefit of, persons or legal entities that perform or have performed activities for the Office by any employment and/or (cooperation) agreement.
5 The Website and Information has been constructed with due care. However, the Office cannot guarantee, and does not warrant, that the Website and/or Information is complete, correct and upto-date.
6 The Information is provided for general information purposes and exclusively intended as general information. No rights may be derived from the Information. The Information is not intended to be legal advice. Any use of the Information is at the own risk of the user.
7 The Information is exclusively intended for visitors of the Website and may only be used for their own personal use. Any other use, such as the use for commercial purposes, is prohibited without the permission of the Office.
8 The office is not liable for any damage claims or other claims, pursuant to any legal ground(s), based on and/or in connection with a visit to (a page of) the Website and/or the (in)direct use of the Information, including but not limited to damage claims based on and/or in connection with (i) incorrect, incomplete or outdated Information and/or (ii) viruses.
9 The Terms of Use have been drawn op in the Dutch and English language. In the case of any dispute about the contents or meaning of The Terms of Use, the Dutch text will be binding.