G.A. Nandoe Tewarie

E-mail: g.nandoe@groenendijk.com
Education Private and corporate law, Leiden University (1999)
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G.A. Nandoe Tewarie

Geeta Nandoe Tewarie graduated in private law and business law from Leiden University in 1998 and has worked as an attorney since 1999. During the first ten years of her career, she specialized in liability law and then switched to family law.

She currently works as a fully qualified Vfas- attorney and Vfas- divorce mediator.

Her choice of both legal areas reflects her commitment to her clients. Her clients are often in a turbulent phase of their lives, in which they have to deal with emotions and business issues. Clients then have to make decisions that could have a major impact on their own lives and those of their children. Especially in this hectic period, clients need a trusted advisor who assists them with their business and personal interests to get the best result.

Geeta is the trusted advisor in this period, who takes up the case with a critical view and takes steps in close consultation with her clients to find solutions. In addition, she has extensive experience with various legal proceedings. Although the starting point is always to reach good agreements in mutual consultation, Geeta does not shy away from legal proceedings. She is an attorney in heart and soul, who also knows how to solve cases with an international legal character well.

Apart from her work as an attorney, Geeta has been able to use her extensive litigation experience in a positive way by working since 2004 as a skills trainer at the professional training institute for the legal profession. She likes to pass on her own knowledge and enthusiasm for the profession to starting attorneys, but also attaches great value to her own expertise. That is why she regularly takes refresher courses to keep abreast of the latest legal developments. This enables her to assist her clients better.

In the meantime, she has also become a teacher of personal and family law at the professional training institute for the legal profession. She is a professor in teaching legal skills at the Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam. Finally, she likes to do her bit for the common good. From the very beginning, she has been involved with the International Bar Association and the Netherlands Bar Association. Recently, she has become a member of the Inclusion and Diversity Platform of the Dutch Bar Association.

In short: Geeta is a specialized, committed attorney with a solution-oriented approach, who does not shy away from proceedings. She takes on cases with subsidized legal aid as well.

She is registered in the Register of Legal Entities only for the law of persons and family law.


the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS), The Hague Family and Youth Law Association.

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