Labour Law

Labour law relates to the legal aspects of the relationship between an employee and an employer. Such aspects are often stipulated in an employment contract. However, Dutch labour law provides also compulsory rules which cannot be altered by agreement between an employer and an employee. Dutch Labour law is dynamic and conflicts between employees and an employers have resulted in extensive jurisprudence. Therefore, it is recommended to involve a legal expert in negotiations of an employment contract or in an employment conflict so that the necessary legal advice can be obtained.

Groenendijk & Kloppenburg Lawyers provides legal assistance to employees as well as employers and our specialists advise on an litigate in all relevant aspects such as:

  • Termination and kantonrechtersformule (= the formula the Lower Court Judge uses to establish the amount of severance compensation in case of a termination of an employment agreement)
  • Employment and collective labour agreement
  • Procedures UWV
  • Flexible labour relations
  • Competition clause
  • Disease and Pregnancy
  • Dysfunction, forthwith dismissal
  • Wages
  • Participation
  • Reorganisation and due diligence
  • Executive Director
  • Accidents at work and employer’s liability
  • Wia, health insurance law and unemployment act
  • Work permits (Wav)

For questions please contact LMM Ariani Stretton, Danielle Prins or Frans Kloppenburg.