Construction law

Construction disputes

In recent years, the Dutch have invested heavily in (re)building their homes. An additional consequence of this is that - unfortunately - we also see a sharp rise in the number of conflicts between homeowners and contractors. Often enough, something goes wrong in the execution of the work and the contractor fails to honour the agreements made, while (a considerable part of) the contract price has already been paid by the client. Or vice versa: the client wrongfully defaults on payment of the agreed contract sum.

Common construction disputes in our practice:

  • the delivered work contains defects/flaws or is not completed;
  • the agreed contract price is not paid (in full);
  • the planning is greatly exceeded;
  • disputes about additional or lesser work;
  • the contractor causes damage.

We are happy to assist you

Our firm assists both clients and contractors by:

  • explaining and advising on the building contract and general terms and conditions;
  • writing the correct notice of default;
  • claiming compliance, repair and/or (alternative) damages;
  • terminating or dissolving the building contract;
  • litigating in court.

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