Neighbourhood law

Neighbour disputes

It is a well-known Dutch saying: "Better a good neighbour than a distant friend". But what if problems arise between neighbours? A neighbour dispute can greatly interfere with everyday life. After all, as neighbours, you are regularly confronted with each other. A swift solution is therefore important. Topics we regularly advise our clients on within neighbour law:

  • Property boundary disputes (building over the plot boundary, property fencing, etc.)
  • Easements (right of way/ stalling/ view, etc.)
  • Nuisance (from planting, noise, light, view, watercourse and drainage, construction and renovation, etc.)
  • Obtaining or losing a right by prescription

Solution through mediation or the legal route?

Many people are quick to choose the legal route when in conflict. What does the law say? Who is right, who is wrong? Let the judge decide... But especially in neighbour disputes, it is often better to investigate whether the parties can come to a settlement together. After all, a legal battle often does not improve the understanding between neighbours. And in the end, you want (or need) to continue as neighbours for a longer time. That is why mediation is a good way to find a solution that works for both parties. Our office has MfN-registered mediators who are happy to help you resolve your neighbour dispute. They guide the mediation process between the parties in a confidential environment and record the agreements made by the parties in a written contract.

If you prefer to take the legal route, we can assist you in this as well. We will give you clear advice on your legal position and the chances and risks of your case. Our lawyers can negotiate and litigate for you in court.

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