Supreme court on liability for road conditions.


No risk liabilty for objects placed on the road.

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Supreme Court: correction possible in case of wrongly sued party


The Supreme Court recently ruled that – in a bankruptcy/ restructuring situation - the fact that by mistake the wrong party is subpoenaed, does not necessarily lead to inadmissibility.

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Damages related to directors’ liability may include attorneys’ fees


A company can under certain circumstances claim compensation from a director in case of mismanagement. Such compensation can include various losses. In this respect, a recent judgement indicates that such losses can include attorneys’ fees for summary proceedings that have been caused by the mismanagement of the director.

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Enforcement of a judgment may lead to liability in case such judgement is to be set aside on appeal


In the Netherlands, enforcement of a judgement under the threat of execution may lead to liability if such judgement is to be set aside on appeal. The Dutch Supreme Court has confirmed that serving a judgement is in principle sufficient to assume such threat.

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