Groenendijk and Kloppenburg win Supreme Court Case 6 EHCR


Groenendijk and Kloppenburg win Supreme Court Case regarding 6 ECHR.

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Groenendijk and Kloppenburg win Supreme Court Case


The Dutch Supreme Court has recently ruled in a case in which the Court of Appeal wongly refused to grant adjournement.

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BIG Registration


Dutch autorities may not request other education than prescibed by law.

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Automatic Recognition


The Court of The Hague has ruled that the Dutch authorities may not refuse BIG-registration to a non-EU professional with an EU diploma.

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Ownership of Ground: limitation period


This article deals with the limitation period on which the ownership of ground transfers to the person possessing the ground.

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Supreme Court on Suspension of Child Custody/ Visitation


The Dutch Supreme court ruled in a case initiated by Groenendijk & Kloppenburg on suspension of child custody/ visitation.

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Dutch Supreme Court clarifies directors’ liability of an indirect director


Directors’ liability can be based on tort. The requirements for such liability in case of an indirect director has been clarified by the Dutch Supreme Court.

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Proposed amendment of the liability of the building contractor under Dutch civil law


A proposed amendment extents the liability of the contractor for construction defects. Under this amendment, a contractor is also liable for defects that are not discovered on completion unless these defects cannot be attributed to the contractor.

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EU Court rules against German fixed prices for pharmacies


Het Europees Hof van Justitie heeft onlangs geoordeeld dat de Duitse prijsregelgeving voor apotheken in strijd is met het EU recht.

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